How to Treat Head Lice – A Preventative Spray

Treat Head Lice – Essential Oil Prevention Spray

treat head lice

Here is a recipe that I have been using to treat head lice for years. It is a recipe for a preventative spray.  My children damp down their hair with the spray before going to school when head lice are about.

In a 200 ml spray bottle combine 50 ml of organic conditioner ( this step is optional, my daughter has long thick hair and this helps with getting any knots out comfortably. If you choose not to use conditioner just make it up with all water) and 140 ml of water. To the solution add 15 drops lavender essential oil, 10 drops tea tree essential oil, 8 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 2 drops of geranium essential oil.  Shake well before use. Simply use this spray every school morning while brushing hair and head lice will stay away.

Treat Head Lice – Removing the Louse and the Eggs

My children and myself have had head lice a quite a  few of times over the years and I found the experience far from desirable. It is really important to be very careful treating your children’s sensitive scalps with both the commercial treatments and any natural treatment you may choose. The more natural treatments contain powerful essential oils that can burn delicate skin and so can the commercial chemical treatments also burn the skin. I have learned over time with my own children that the best way to treat head lice is to remove the live lice by combing the hair with a mild conditioner applied to dry hair. Once the hair is saturated then comb the lice and eggs out using a head lice comb. Do this every second night for a week. To treat head lice as they hatch spray the hair every morning with the head lice preventative spray recipe. This will ensure if any eggs are missed and hatch that they will not want to hang around on the treated hair.  Continue to use the head lice preventative spray daily when your child goes to public places where head lice may be contracted… This spray had worked a treat for my children, they have not been infested with head lice while having the spray in their hair. I hope this article helps you get rid of those annoying  little critters!